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iDiversicons is the groundbreaking inclusive emoji that changed how Silicon Valley saw the world. We did more than just introduce revolutionary new skin tones…we also introduced gender neutral, biracial, couples, families, gender variations, hair, gestures and other new ways for people to truly express themselves. Today, our life’s mission is to help as many different people as possible truly express themselves, creating a sense of inclusiveness for all.”

Shouldn’t the emoji that speaks for you, look like you?

That’s exactly the idea behind iDiversicons, the World’s First Diverse Emoji. In fact, we invented the five-skin tone standard now used by Apple and Google.

And now, to make our emoji even more inclusive, we’re turning to GoFundMe to help LIFT iDiversicons to the next level and beyond—making it a household name for everyone to share in its success.

With your generosity, we can develop a new Android keyboard, animated GIFs, and a wider range of diverse emoji for you to choose from.  Truly grateful for your support. Here’s our campaign link:

Welcome to iDiversicons New On-Line Store!

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There are five categories of iDiversicons emoji to choose from: Smiley, Family, Lifestyle, Gestures and Variety. Each category has a total of 32 different emoji choices for each category. You may purchase a total quantity of 5 iDiversicons emoji for $10.00 plus taxes. After you pay, please make sure you identify your emoji selection by either including this information on your contact information sheet or by emailing it to

Examples of selections would be Smiley selections 1-5 or Family 5, 8, 13, 31 and 32. Each of the emoji that we send to you will be in a JPEG (size 720 pixels x 720 pixels). Please make sure you include your email address for your order.


Thank you in advance for your order!

Offering Five (5 each) iDiversicons Emoji JPEG (720 x 720 pixels)

  • Smiley
  • Family
  • Lifestyle
  • Gestures
  • Variety

Inventor of the First Five Skin Tone Emoji celebrates Five-Year Anniversary. iDiversicons™ is Still Touching Lives Today, with our Disability Pride Emoji and New GIFs

iDiversicons™ was the first native mobile app to offer a wide range of diverse emoji characters. The company is responsible for the ‘Five Skin Tone Standard,’ which allows users to select from five desired skin tone modifiers for the people emoji. That innovative concept has been adopted and implemented by Unicode, Apple, Google, and others.

In fact, Unicode has approved over 500 of iDiversicons’ emoji. Unicode President Mark Davis praised iDiversicons’ innovative work: “Without you, we certainly wouldn’t have come up with as good a solution!”

iDiversicons is celebrating our Five-Year Anniversary—and we’re still touching lives today, like with our Disability Pride Emoji.  Maureen recently wrote, “My husband is a paraplegic and was dying to send his fishing buddy one of those icons! Thanks again.

iDiversicons Because one emoji does not fit all. Be sure to check out our new Amazing Animated GIFs at and in the App Store. To view GIFs, click on video link below:

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