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What Are Emoji Anyway?

Since we first began using the written word to share our feelings with each other, fully and accurately expressing real human emotion has been a challenge.

emoticon102Emoji, or emoji icons, are a way of conveying emotions visually in email, online and, most prominently these days, through SMS messages, Facebook, Twitter or texts. The first use of true typographic art to visually represent feelings dates all the way back to the late 1800’s. Since then, emojiĀ have come a very long way. iDiversicons are the latest and greatest evolution of the art form, taking visual representations of the way you feel to a whole new level!

How Are Emoji Traditionally Used?

Emoji were originally developed to help aid in expressing subtle vocal inflections that are often taken for granted in spoken language, and far too often misinterpreted when read.

smileyface_boxCommon aspects of language like jokes or sarcasm are very difficult to accurately convey in simple text. The addition of a basic emoji, like a smiley face šŸ™‚ or wink šŸ˜‰ can help make your intention more clear. iDiversicons let you make these same clarifying additions to your texts, but in a way that truly represents YOU, and with more options and customization than any of the emojiĀ available today. iDiversicons don’t represent a general feeling, they’re YOUR emotions transformed into images.

What Can You Say Using iDiversicons?

emoticon29How You Feel
iDiversicons let you truly express the way you’re feeling, the things you’re doing and who you are, in a quick and easy to send, easy to interpret image, accessible at the push of a button.

emoticon255Fully Expressive
What once might have taken hundreds of words and exhaustive typing can now be sent as a fully expressive, personalized image in a couple of quick taps.

emoticon284What You Do
Feeling elated about a job promotion? There’s an iDiversicon for that. Words unable to capture just how sad you feel about a recent breakup? Let iDiversicons speak for you.