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The First Diverse Emoji

New iDiversicons Keyboard AppsiDiversicons is a game-changing app that pioneers diversity and inclusion, offering for the first time an amazing new iPhone and iPad-compatible keyboard with a truly diverse emoji. Representing an entire world of faces, iDiversicons has over 900 emoji to choose from. So no matter where on earth you’re from, chances are you’ll see faces that look like you.

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iDiversicons, the world’s FIRST diverse emoji, has evolved into a new seamless iPhone and iPad keyboard with unlimited capabilities and user benefits.

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You can learn more from our press release as follows:

If you desire more information, please contact me directly at katrina@idiversicons.com. A full media kit and promo code is available at your request.

What Can You Say Using iDiversicons?

emoticon29How You Feel
iDiversicons let you truly express the way you’re feeling, the things you’re doing and who you are, in a quick and easy to send, easy to interpret image, accessible at the push of a button.

emoticon255Fully Expressive
What once might have taken hundreds of words and exhaustive typing can now be sent as a fully expressive, personalized image in a couple of quick taps.

emoticon284What You Do
Feeling elated about a job promotion? There’s an iDiversicon for that. Words unable to capture just how sad you feel about a recent breakup? Let iDiversicons speak for you.

Images that speak for you
iDiversicons let you truly express the way you’re feeling,

Wide variety of images
Personalized image in a couple of quick taps.

A new set of emoticons
Hundreds of images to choose from.

Sentences should end this well
Words unable to capture just how sad you feel, so punctuate it with an iDiversicons.

Convey feelings and emotions with iDiversicons

Different From Traditional Emoji

While some other emoticons can help convey feelings and emotions, there’s one glaring problem with nearly every emotion icon set available: they’re all the same.



Different From Traditional Emoji

In order for emotion icons to fully represent how you feel, they should look like they come from you.That was the simple concept that the folks behind iDiversicons began with…