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    Because One Face Does Not Fit All

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    A face that speaks for you!

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    Having the will

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    Persevere to achieve

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    Showing how you really feel

  • Kiss Me Love


    Love is from the heart

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    Look to the waymaker

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    International Representation

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    History in the making

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    Appreciative for all that life offers

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    Before anyone else

Emoji for People with Disabilities

Announcing iDiversicons. The World’s First Diverse Emoji for People with Disabilities!! Celebrating the Americans with Disabilities Act 25th Year Anniversary on July 26, 2015. iDiversicons is a game-changing app that pioneers diversity and inclusion. Download your’s today!

iDiversicons is turning to GoFundMe to help launch the third phase of our app. We are raising funds to add over 300 new disability emoji and to expand marketing and advertising efforts.

Tell us what you would like to see added to our emoji set. In addition, we plan to add an Android keyboard and a Microsoft app for the Windows platform. “With your GoFundMe help, we’ll not only introduce iDiversicons to the world, we’ll help people finally put some good old-fashioned emotion behind their emoji.

Please click on this link and join us!” Parrott said. watermark

The World’s First Diverse Emoji Keyboard

The First Diverse Emoji

New iDiversicons Keyboard AppsiDiversicons is a game-changing app that pioneers diversity and inclusion, offering for the first time an amazing new iPhone and iPad-compatible keyboard with a truly diverse emoji. Representing an entire world of faces, iDiversicons has over 900 emoji to choose from. So no matter where on earth you’re from, chances are you’ll see faces that look like you.

Click Here to Buy!

iDiversicons, the world’s FIRST diverse emoji, has evolved into a new seamless iPhone and iPad keyboard with unlimited capabilities and user benefits.

Click Image for More Keyboard Images

You can learn more from our press release as follows:

If you desire more information, please contact me directly at A full media kit and promo code is available at your request.



Representing an entire world of faces, there are over 900 iDiversicons to choose from–so no matter where on earth you’re from, chances are you’ll see faces that look like you. Download yours today, in the App Store and Google Play Store NOW!

iDiversicons. First Diverse Emoji.

Convey feelings and emotions with iDiversicons

Different From Traditional Emoji

While some other emoticons can help convey feelings and emotions, there’s one glaring problem with nearly every emotion icon set available: they’re all the same.


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