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Welcome to iDiversicons New On-Line Store!

balloon emoji

There are five categories of iDiversicons emoji to choose from: Smiley, Family, Lifestyle, Gestures and Variety. Each category has a total of 32 different emoji choices for each category. You may purchase a total quantity of 5 iDiversicons emoji for $10.00 plus taxes. After you pay, please make sure you identify your emoji selection by either including this information on your contact information sheet or by emailing it to

Examples of selections would be Smiley selections 1-5 or Family 5, 8, 13, 31 and 32. Each of the emoji that we send to you will be in a JPEG (size 720 pixels x 720 pixels). Please make sure you include your email address for your order.


Thank you in advance for your order!

Offering Five (5 each) iDiversicons Emoji JPEG (720 x 720 pixels)

  • Smiley
  • Family
  • Lifestyle
  • Gestures
  • Variety

Announcing iDiversicons. The World’s First Diverse Emoji for People with Disabilities!! Celebrating the Americans with Disabilities Act 25th Year Anniversary on July 26, 2015. iDiversicons is a game-changing app that pioneers diversity and inclusion. Download your’s today!

iDiversicons is turning to GoFundMe to help launch the third phase of our app. We are raising funds to add over 300 new disability emoji and to expand marketing and advertising efforts.

Tell us what you would like to see added to our emoji set. In addition, we plan to add an Android keyboard and a Microsoft app for the Windows platform. “With your GoFundMe help, we’ll not only introduce iDiversicons to the world, we’ll help people finally put some good old-fashioned emotion behind their emoji.

Please click on this link and join us!” Parrott said. watermark

Here are the two iDiversicons T-Shirt designs in sizes adult small, med, large and extra large. Add $2 for XXL and $3 for XXXL Price: $35.00

iDiversicons T-Shirts
White T-Shirts Logo or Fist Bump